Case Study Quotes

Excerpts from Case Studies conducted by Dr. Marcia Watson.


Teaching/Learning/Family Atmosphere:

“Imhotep a family environment and a loving environment.” (8th grade male student)


“It takes all of us [to] teach the children. It takes a unified front. We’re all involved in some way and we respect our roles.” (Administrator)


“Well teachers, it’s more like family figure I guess, because you can always, you always know that you can go to them if you have something to say or like they can help you out with things. And, students, like my friendships, I made lots of friends. I’ve always had, it was always easy for me to make friends, but here, I know they’re like long-lasting just because it’s not a lot of people you’re trying to hang out with… everyone is just one big family.” (7th grade female student)


“It’s a family atmosphere and you know, everyone says that the parable that it takes a village to raise a child and I think a lot of times it’s used pretty loosely but it’s so true.” (Teacher)


“Imhotep is not like most private schools where it’s so prestigious. This is school is family friendly. The school is so small that you know everybody’s name and the teachers are close. The administrators, they’re not always in the office, they’re around. They actually do some teaching. It’s like everyone pulls their weight to help out around the school.” (7th grade female student)


“When I first came here in fourth grade um, at my previous school they weren’t teaching me above my level and now that I’m getting, that I’m being taught above my level, I’m farther than I would be at any other school, it’s a lot…it’s a lot more rewarding to me because I feel better that I’m learning above a level so I don’t have to worry about anything like when I go to high school or college.” (8th grade male student)


“We have at least two or three students that have skipped grades, and we some that they’re advanced in their classes. It’s because of the way Imhotep teaches, they teach advanced. So if you’re new, they will work from the standard you started with and they slowly advance you. But I think that it’s very good the way they teach because eventually you end of advanced and you understand everything you teach in your new environment.” (8th grade female student)


Importance of an African-centered Education:

“Here at Imhotep, they take time out their day and our day to bring in other people who can teach us life lessons and other things that will help you in the future. And sometimes, they’ll bring people from different places, like one of them does like programming and stuff and every once in a while, they’ll come in and they’ll like talk about it, like the robotics. That’s cool because they’re right here in the community.” (7th grade male student)


“You don’t really see on the news people talk about positive things that the Black people do, like people do in nowadays, or even in the past. But, I mean, this school has taught me to change the world you’re in or try to make it better and don’t base your life off of what other people say. Always choose your own path and go where you want to go and always be more positive than what others really say. And always know your culture, that’s the main thing they like, force into your brain, know your culture.” (7th grade male student)



“It’s important for them to know who they are… to talk about ancestors or people that went before them or people that are still alive today to hear the contributions that African Americans have made to this world. So they will know how they’ve benefited from them and how they are able still to contribute to the success of their community.” (Teacher)


“[Sankofa] teaches [you] so much about your background. This school informs you about your ancestors and history. This school goes into great detail about the people you have come from. In my opinion, this information has empowered me; this information about my ancestors really helps because I will always know who I am and where I come from. I like that I get that here.” (7th grade female student)


“At Imhotep, students know that they matter and their ancestors mattered, that the people before them mattered, that their race matters, that their um, existence and culture matters. That we’re influential [and] we have a place on this earth and we’re very confident about it.” (Administrator)


“I mean, it, they often tell us… if you look at our heritage, we were basically unstoppable and we have the power to be kings and queens and rulers of our generation since, so that’s pretty cool. If you don’t know your background and what your people have done, you’re never going to have any courage in yourself that you can do the impossible and if you never strive for doing that, you’re never going to get far.” (8th grade male student)


“You have a higher sense of self. You see yourself in the stories of the ancestors, and then you want to contribute to that greatness. Once you see that greatness that you have, you want to contribute too. You know what I mean, to say “Ok now, what can I do to contribute to all these that all these people did before me?” And um, I think that’s a huge benefit and I’ve seen it work.” (Teacher)


“I tell them is if you don’t know your history then you don’t know yourself. Once you know who you are, then you can take over the planet. Once you know yourself, you believe that the sky is the limit. That you can do anything you want to do because of where you’ve come from, having pride in that, and being willing to accept the responsibility of knowing you are able to do those things and, and trying to accomplish those goals.” (Teacher)


“Saying Devotion makes me feel like I’m going to have a good day if, I’m not already in a bad mood. I try not to be in a bad mood, ‘cause I don’t like it. It puts like a bad flow energy into the air so I, it kind of helps me one, if I’m in a bad mood, I’ll get into a good mood and, um, it says to me that I have something to stand for and live for. And I am something and I can be what I want.” (7th grade male student)


Important Observations:

100% of Imhotep students desired to pursue a career beyond sports and entertainment. The most popular careers were:

  • Marine Biologist
  • Congressman
  • Zoologist or Veterinarian
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer


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