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Ms. Davis and Ms. Thomas – Pre-Kindergarten

Ms. Jones – Kindergarten

Mrs. Smith – 1st Grade Homeroom (1st and 2nd: Math and Science)

Mrs. Hendricks – 2nd Grade Homeroom (1st and 2nd: Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies)

Mr. Cunningham – 3rd Grade Homeroom (3rd and 4th: Language Arts and Social Studies)

Ms. Heard – 4th Grade Homeroom (3rd and 4th: Math and Science)

Mr. Abdur-Rahman – 5th Grade Homeroom (5th-8th: Math and Science)

Ms. Foster – 6th Grade Homeroom (5th-8th: Social Studies and Geography)

Ms. Walker – 7th Grade Homeroom, P.E. and Teachnology

Mrs. Jackson – 8th Grade Homeroom (5th-8th Literature)

Ms. Lake – Assistant Teacher

Ms. Osunlade – Assistant Teacher

 Ms. Davis – Assistant Teacher

Mrs. White – Office Manager

Chef Jones – Nutritional Specialist

Ms. Thompson – Counselor

Ms. Johnson – Assistant Principal (6th Grade Math)

Mrs. Rosenberg – Administrator

Mr. Harris – Business Manager

Dr. Brown – Principal

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Cultivating ‘Ultimate Students’

Imhotep Academy is committed to the development of the “whole” child through an accelerated curriculum that seamlessly incorporates African-American history and heritage.