Heritage:  Building self-esteem, self-awareness  and self-confidence are major goals for the pre-kindergarten student.  In all classrooms, teachers positively promote and develop knowledge of self, culture, and awareness of community.

Language Arts:  Encouraging a love for reading is another major goal for pre-kindergarten students.  Teachers read and engage students in related activities daily. Our language arts curriculum prepares students to become life long, proficient readers and writers.  The multi-level guided reading program develops listening, and choral speaking skills, identify letter and sound relationships, build vocabulary, explore writing concepts, and become innovators and communicators of oral and written language.

Mathematics:  The pre-kindergarten math curriculum relates mathematics to everyday concepts and activities.  The classroom is set up to encourage interest in and exploration of mathematical concepts and problems using a variety problem-solving strategies.  Activities include identifying numbers, assimilate number concepts, acquire basic understanding of basic math processes, classify geometric shapes, recognize calendar and clock as instruments measuring time.

Science:  The science curriculum provides a flexible program that covers a range of scientific topics and concepts.  Teachers provides a basic instruction of scientific methods, supporting the students’ interests and enthusiasms.  The science curriculum is connected with other studies such as math and/or social studies.

Social Studies:  Social studies units surround the community and culture.  Students will identify community helpers, follow and understand rules of safety, identify holidays, rituals, and relationships to other cultures

Arts:  Students are encouraged to express themselves through the arts.  Students will increase creativity and self-confidence.  Teachers integrate dramatic play, music and fine art with the other disciplines to enhance imagination and to make learning hands-on.

Health/Physical Education:  Promoting a healthy life-style is the goal of the health and physical education curriculum.  Through play and physical activity, students develop body control, rhythm, flexibility and balance.  Students are also encouraged to make healthy eating choices.

Cultivating ‘Ultimate Students’

Imhotep Academy is committed to the development of the “whole” child through an accelerated curriculum that seamlessly incorporates African-American history and heritage.