COVID Guidelines

Imhotep Academy COVID Safety Guidelines

Imhotep Academy established COVID Safety Guidelines with recommendations adopted from various groups and organizations. We will continue with our COVID Safety Guidelines for the remainder of the school year. Our COVID Safety Guidelines include the following:

  • Morning temperature checks for students and staff. (Staff members conduct a temperature check of students before they exit the car in the car loop lane. For safety reasons, please ensure students remain inside the car until a staff person takes their temperature and escorts them from the car).
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Frequent wiping and sanitizing classroom furniture, high-touch surfaces, restrooms, playground equipment, etc. **Restrooms are wiped down after each student exits.
  • Restrooms are equipped with touchless water faucets, soap dispensers, and automatic flush valves on toilets.
  • Further sanitation of classrooms, hallways, etc. is done with UV-C sanitizers. The UV-C sanitizers provide rapid sterilization and disinfection to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. Unfortunately, the UV-C sanitizers are also killing our beautiful plants. These machines are placed throughout the buildings every evening.
  • Students and staff required to wear a mask except during mask breaks.
  • Desk shields used for students.
  • Social distancing is required inside and outside the classroom setting.
  • No access to the water fountain. Students bring bottled water to use during water breaks.
  • Students use their own supplies during class. No sharing of items is allowed.
  • Instructional manipulative items, school computers, etc. are divided and accessed by one child per day. Items are cleaned daily. 
  • Staff and students exhibiting signs of illness are not allowed to remain in the building until symptoms are clear. In cases that involve a fever or ongoing symptoms, a negative COVID test is required prior to return. (See COVID-19 Response Guidelines and Imhotep Academy Health and Wellness Policy listed below.)
  • Shelter in place is required for any staff or student who may have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations will be limited as much as possible – especially with individuals who are not from the local geographic area (e.g., community, town, city, county).

COVID-19 Response Guidelines (adopted from the CDC):

  • All staff, students, and visitors shall be screened prior to entrance and shall be excluded if they have a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or exhibit respiratory symptoms, including cough or shortness of breath.
    • If a child develops any COVID-19 symptoms during the school day:
      • If a child develops any symptoms of COVID-19, Imhotep will send them and family members home as soon as possible.
      • While waiting for a sick child to be picked up, an Imhotep staff person will stay with the child in a room isolated from others. If the child has symptoms of COVID-19, the staff person will remain as far away as safely possible from the child (preferably, 6 feet) while maintaining visual supervision. In addition, staff members will follow CDC Guidance for wearing cloth face covering.
      • If a staff member develops any symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day, they will be sent home and parents connected to that class will be notified.
      • Keep in mind, “symptoms” of COVID-19 do not automatically mean the person “positively” has COVID-19. Sending students and/or staff home if they have symptoms is a recommended safety precaution.
  • Return to School Policy (for Students and Staff) After a Fever and/or COVID-19 Symptoms:
    • Imhotep Academy will adhere to the following guideline from the CDC:
      • Anyone who has stayed home sick or been prevented from entering due to symptoms of Covid-19 or have been sent home due to symptoms of Covid-19, should be prohibited from attending school again until they either test negative for Covid-19 or have been fever free and fever medication free for seventy-two (72) hours and at least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms appeared.
      • If a teacher is absent, an assistant teacher (guided by administrators) or an administrator will cover the class for continuation of learning.
      • If an entire class must shelter in place due to a COVID-19 exposure, they may participate in virtual learning for the recommended 2-week period.


Imhotep realizes that there are many times when it is in the best interest of your child to keep him/her home from school due to illness.  We must also provide a healthy environment for all students; therefore, the following health policies support the educational process by enhancing the health of all children.


Students may not bring or take any type of medication at school unless the school has on file a parent authorization form and doctor’s instructions.

  • All medication must be brought to the office.
  • All medication must have child’s name (the original prescription) on the label.
  • A medical authorization form must be filled out by a parent before medicine is distributed.
  • No over-the-counter medicine will be issued unless a physician’s note is attached.
  • DO NOT send medicine, cough drops or sore throat lozenges in your child’s lunch or book bag.


The following illness restrictions apply to all students.  Parents will be given a written notice about the identification of the illness and parent’s must sign. These restrictions are based on Imhotep’s requirements and will be strictly enforced:

DiarrheaNo fever or vomiting for 24 hours and fewer than 5 stools for day
Strep ThroatAfter at least 24 hours of antibiotic treatment and no fever for 24 hours
FeverAfter 24 hours
VomitingAfter 24 hours and able to tolerate a normal diet
Pinkeye/ConjunctivitisAfter 48 hours of antibiotic and no sign of active infection
Ringworm24 hours after treatments; may return after one full day; all ringworms must be covered.
Common ColdIf child is too uncomfortable to attend school and shows signs of fever – stay home
Communicable Disease or Undiagnosed RashesAfter seeing a physician and it is deemed not communicable
Temperature100 degrees and over – need normal temperature for 24 hours

** The Imhotep Academy administration reserves the right to make changes and updates, with notice, to the COVID Safety Guidelines document, as necessary.