The Imhotep Center of Education was founded in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia by Mrs. Evette Jackson, Mr. Donzell Rosenberg, and Mrs. Charlene Rosenberg. Named after the Black Egyptian Multi-Genius, Imhotep, the Father of Medicine, Architect of the first step pyramid, and Chief Advisor to multiple Pharoahs. These pioneers sought to establish an African-centered institution that instilled in their students a strong appreciation of self and placed no limits on their capacity and ability to learn. The school first opened its doors in the summer of 1993 to approximately 35 Ultimate Students and two visionary teachers, and co-Director Wilma Spinks. Uniting with African-American traditions, Imhotep’s foundation is built on the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles), which instill in our students moral values for which to live their lives. Now boasting nearly 25 years of educating thousands of the next generation of leaders, today Imhotep Academy, under direction of Mr. Charlton Harris, continues to build a legacy of Ultimate Students dedicated to seizing the moment, uplifting their community, and making their mark in the world.

Who was IMHOTEP?

Using his great architectural skills to design and construct the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, which is the oldest monument of stone known to the world, Imhotep was a multi-genius, an African Mathematician, Physician, Scribe, Priest, Architect, Astronomer, Poet and Philosopher. It is in the same spirit that Imhotep Academy developed a program as great as the pyramid itself to achieve academic excellence in students.