Preparatory Academy (7th – 8th)

Preparatory Academy

Seventh & Eighth Grade Curriculum

LANGUAGE ARTS: Students engage in reading throughout disciplines. Students read
informational and expository texts. Teachers ensure that students gain, evaluate, and present increasingly complex information, ideas and evidence through listening and speaking as well as through media. Lessons prepare students for real life experience preparing them for college and 21st century careers. Teachers recognize the importance of developing students to use formal English in their writing and speaking. Students must also be able to make informed, skillful choices among the many ways to express themselves through language.

MATHEMATICS: Using Singapore Math students are exposed daily to math concepts
including problem solving, math computation, reasoning, data analysis, measurement, algebra, and geometry. In addition, teachers use other resources to integrate technology and other disciplines.

SCIENCE: The science curriculum provides a progressive program that covers a range of
scientific topics and concepts. Students learn specific scientific concepts and progress through grade levels where concepts get more complex. Teachers provide instruction of scientific methods, procedures and processes supporting the students’ interests and enthusiasms. Middle grade students conduct hands-on experiments related to concepts and engage in the scientific process through self-guided and teacher lead science projects.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Social studies encompasses a wide range of topics. Students engage in
reading information text. Reading levels gradually increase over the course of each grade level. Teachers use researched-based lesson plans with scaffolding and differentiated instruction so that all students succeed. Students are required to write about what they read, conduct additional research, and consider many points of view.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Students in grades fourth through eighth explore culture,
vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing in French. Students engage in related projects and role play.

FINE ARTS: Students are encouraged to express themselves through the arts. Students will
increase creativity and self-confidence through art related activities. In addition to specific art instruction, the arts are integrated throughout disciplines.

BAND: Students participate in beginning, intermediate or advanced band to enhance skills in
listening, music theory and performance.

HEALTH/PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Promoting a healthy life-style is the goal of the health
and physical education curriculum. Through health instruction and physical education, students develop body control, rhythm, flexibility and balance. Students engage in team sports, exercise, safety, nutrition and hygiene. Students create individual health goals and plan ways for them to reach their specific health related goals.