Young Learners Academy (1st – 3rd)

Young Learners Academy

First – Third Grade Curriculum

LANGUAGE ARTS: Students engage in a multi-level guided reading curriculum
which allows them to develop as readers at their own pace. Teachers continuously
assess students in small groups to foster individual fluency and proficiency. Activities
in the areas of grammar, vocabulary development, and research are implemented to
connect disciplines. Frequent writing opportunities allow teachers to continuously
assess students’ writing and prescribe differentiated writing instruction.

MATHEMATICS: Teachers use Singapore Math as a primary resource for
mathematics. Mathematical practices promote student success in mathematics.
Students are exposed daily to math concepts including problem solving, math
computation, reasoning, data analysis, measurement, and geometry. In addition,
teachers use other resources to integrate technology and other disciplines.

SCIENCE: The science curriculum provides a progressive program that covers a
range of scientific topics and concepts. Students learn specific scientific concepts and
progress through grade levels where concepts get more complex. Teachers provide
instruction of scientific methods, procedures and processes supporting the students’
interests and enthusiasm.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Social studies encompasses a wide range of topics. Students
engage in reading informational text. Reading levels gradually increase over the
course of each grade level. Teachers use researched-based lesson plans with
scaffolding and differentiated instruction so that all students succeed. Students are
required to write about what they read, conduct additional research, and consider
many points of view.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Students in grades first through third explore basic culture
vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing in French.

ARTS: Students are encouraged to express themselves through the arts. Students will
increase creativity and self-confidence through art related activities. In addition to
specific art instruction, the arts are integrated throughout disciplines.

HEALTH/PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Promoting a healthy life-style is the goal of
the health and physical education curriculum. Through health instruction and physical
education, students develop body control, rhythm, flexibility and balance. Students are
introduced to team sports, exercise, safety, nutrition and hygiene.

GENERAL MUSIC: First through forth grade students participate in general music
to learn basic skills in listening, counting rhythms, music terminology.